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Brihaspathi Technologies Hyderabad has stood the test of time, and totally met the requirements of different clients for innovative, latest and competitively priced CCTV surveillance systems. In the last one decade, Brihaspathi Technologies has emerged as one of the leading CCTV camera suppliers in Hyderabad, India. Our CCTV installation and maintenance project work begins with conducting awareness programs in the gated communities, apartments and individual houses.

Brihaspathi Technologies understands that, the general public, departments of the government and private organizations confront safety and security challenges like,

  • Thieves and burglars entering the premises
  • Encroachment, break-in, unlawful and prohibited actions
  • Lack of vigilance and security mechanism in a locality
  • Need to monitor house, office, go-down, factory etc round-the-clock
  • Unforeseen vagaries of cold weather, rainy or summer season
  • Monitor outdoor security that include gardens, lawns, play areas, lobby and parking lots
  • Monitor the condition of children and adult members left to the care of caretakers and servants within the house
  • Surveillance of roads, junctions and toll gates

It is to be understood that, the importance of surveillance systems and CCTV cameras in controlling security breaches and the subsequent crime is unparalleled. By availing our end-to-end support on the installation and management of CCTV surveillance systems, our clients gain a host of benefits, these include,

  • Hindering the thieves and burglars from entering the premises
  • Negating any sort of encroachment, break-ins, unlawful and prohibited actions
  • Providing for a reliable and consistent vigilance and security mechanism
  • Providing for a 24/7 convenient way to monitor house, office, go-down, factory
  • Overcoming the challenges of vagaries of cold weather, rainy or summer season
  • Providing for monitoring of gardens, lawns, play areas, lobby and parking lots
  • Helping to monitor children and seniors left under the care of caretakers
  • Helping traffic police to take surveillance of roads, junctions and toll gates

Brihaspathi Technologies is the most preferred wholesale distributor and supplier of all CCTV surveillance systems available in India. Brihaspathi Technologies’ CCTV surveillance projects are known for their high quality of gadgets, technology and expertise. The company delivers a variety of CCTV Surveillance Systems that include internationally accredited, technologically advanced Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Monitors.

The CCTV systems installed at the clients' location are of different makes, sizes and brands. These include fixed HD IP bullet cameras, and PTZ HD IP cameras of high quality and latest make. Primarily, the focus of Brihaspathi Technologies is on the use of Make in India products. Significantly, each CCTV installation project is enabled by 32 channel NVR with 8 TB hard disk. Brihaspathi Technologies offers custom, and customer-specific CCTV surveillance systems, as not all clients have the same safety and security requirements. This also greatly depends on customer profile, geographical coverage, and location.

The following are some the recent CCTV surveillance projects with specifics of technology make and brand.

S.NoName of the Client CCTV Surveillance systems, products and make`
1NTTPS, VijayawadaCCTV systems of DLink make used. 30 varifocal bullet cameras (4 mp), and 32 bullet cameras (4 mp). The maintenance and control room was also equipped with a 42 rack, and Samsung Led TV 32'.
2NALSAR University of Law6 fixed HD IP bullet cameras, and 8 3MP PTZ HD IP cameras of high quality and latest make. This surveillance systems project is enabled by 32 channel NVR with 8 TB hard disk.
3Satavahana University, Karimnagar, TelanganaA total of 47 cameras (10 bullet, 35 dome and 2 PTZ cameras). This is an IP and Optical Fibre Cable enabled CCTV surveillance technology.
43-phase Assam Assembly Elections (March - April 2021)Live Webcast enabled by CCTV Systems installation and management at 15340 locations. Involved a mammoth 33000 duty personnel to manage CCTV surveillance booths.
5Raj Bhavan Hyderabad Staff Quarters and Community Hall1 PTZ Camera and 14 Bullet Cameras of Samsung make were installed. 200 meters of OFC cable was laid underground from community hall to the control room.`
6Installation of 125 Community CCTV cameras at Sri Venkateshwara Building Society, MLA Colony, Banjara Hills, HyderabadWithin 2 months duration 119 normal fixed cameras and 6 advanced ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) were installed. All these CC Cameras were also connected to the Control Room in the Colony Society Office and the Banjara Hills Police Station
71435 CCTV cameras installed at Dr YSR Aarogyasri' Aarogya Mithra kiosks6 video walls were installed at the command control room. Each video wall of 65 inches displayed 256 CCTV Cameras. 1435 CCTV Cameras were to be monitored at a time